The Bridge - Organic Almond Rice Drink 250 ml

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The Bridge

A family company in northern Italy, Vicenza. They produce 100% organic drinks, desserts and cooking creams made with carefully chosen and certified ingredients. All of products are vegan, lactose- and cholesterol-free, most of them gluten-free.

All products are made with spring water coming directly from the mountains of our tiny little village in the north of Italy. Why is this relevant? Cereal drinks in general are made of at least 80% water and approx. 20% raw materials. So water is one of the most relevant ingredients when it comes to produce a good tasting cereal or nut drink.

The products are made with carefully chosen organic raw materials. All ingredients are selected according to high quality and traceability standards. It is important for them to work in solidarity with producers and to have long-term contracts that grant the possibility to hold their benchmark.

Additional information
Unit:250 ml
Nutritional information (100 g):energy 267 kJ/63 kcal, fat 1,6 g, of which saturates 0,4 g, carbohydrate 12 g, of which sugars 5 g, protein <0,5 g, salt 0,1 g
Controlled by:Hungária Öko Garancia Kft. HU-ÖKO-02
Storing instructions:Store in a cool, dry place.
Overall Rating 5
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