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Sustainability at Pukka
Our planet is our home. From being Fair for Life certified, sourcing organic ingredients to reducing our carbon footprint, we believe a healthy world means a healthy you. Find out how we are helping to change the world for a positive future - one cup of tea at a time.

Carbon footprint - from 'crop to cup'
In 2017, for the first time, our team was able to map our carbon footprint, breaking down our total carbon output from the fields where our herbs are grown right through to enjoying a cup of tea. We call this 'crop to cup'. Now we're using this data to inform science-based carbon reduction targets. We’ll submit to the Science-Based Targets initiative, setting targets to join global efforts to limit warming to less than two degrees.

Pukka's Mission Council
As we continue to grow, so does the positive impact we can create, at significant scale. With the steer of the carefully selected team of experts that makes up our Mission Council, Pukka will aim to strategically influence sustainable healthcare, social impact, regenerative agriculture and the climate crisis; driving our mission forward.

Our tea - the story behind every cup
The journey to create our delicious teas starts with the highest-quality organic herbs, rich in natural oils, carefully and ethically sourced from over 50 countries from across the world.

Ayurveda - Pukka's inspiration
Ayurveda is our inspiration. Every blend is made with a specific constitution in mind.

During pregnancy this formula also supports normal maternal tissue growth and cell division.

Motherkind Pregnancy contains:

• Folate: contributing to mental tissue growth during pregnancy
• Vitamin B6: contributing to the regulation of hormonal activity and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
• Zinc: supporting normal fertility
• Vitamin D: helping to process cell division
• Shatarvari: known in Ayurveda as ‘she who has a hundred husbands’, referring to its ability to nourish and regulate, wholsitically extracted for increased concentration and potency

Additional information
Origin:United Kingdom
Unit:20 filter x 1,8 g (36 g)
Ingredients:Raspberry leaf (24%), chamomile flower, nettle leaf (16%), shatavari root (12%), peppermint leaf (12%), sweet fennel seed, orange peel.
Controlled by:Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. HU-ÖKO-01
Storing instructions:Store in a cool, dry place.
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