Pödör - Piemonti mogyoró étcsokiba mártva 100 g

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Laboratory tested Oils and Vinegars are 100% natural, top quality ingredients.

If you are a lover of gastronomy and healthy, good food, you will certainly be aware that the most basic conditions for perfect flavors are the use of fresh, quality ingredients, expertise, passion, experience and honesty. This is not a compromise on the Dirt Products. We work responsibly, simply and sincerely, with the best raw materials from where they are always created. Maintaining our traditional manual work, our products are produced continuously and naturally so that your table is always available with a rich, vitamins and nutrient rich product. Buckwheat oils and vinegar are special because they are made with only the highest degree of purity, made of 100% natural, high-quality ingredients, with the time-consuming, laborious work and expertise of the most experienced pressmasters.

Our products are freshly pressed throughout the year and bottled only after the strictest quality control. The effect of pure, cold-pressed, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins rich in vitamins on our health, appearance and well-being is unquestionable from the scientific point of view, but only in the case of 100% natural hand-made oils from the highest quality pure ingredients, this is also true for Dagger products.

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Storing instructions:Store in a cool, dry place.
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