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Martina Gebhardt

Martina Gebhardt naturally do not use any animal derived raw materials and their manufacturing processes are in accordance with the guidelines of the German Animal Rights Association.

Martina Gebhardt products are composed to support the functions of the skin. In this way, you can be assured that your skin remains healthy and will return to its natural balance.

Their skin creams have a moisture content of about 50 percent, e.g. herbal extracts in pure spring water, and contain 50 percent oily substances, e.g. plant oils, fats and waxes. This corresponds to the composition of the hydrolipid layer (the lipid-moisture ratio of our skin) of the skin of a 20 year old woman. Nourishing this skin layer helps support the vitality, health and smoothness of your skin. Moisturizing creams, fat based creams and oils impair the natural balance of the skin causing the skin to become increasingly dryer.

Martina Gebhardt uses wool wax in our skin creams as an emulsifier. The wool wax is produced by a washing and centrifuging process that results in a practically pesticide-free substance. Wool wax is an excellent skin care substance suited especially for dry and allergy-prone skin types. In our cleansers and facial lotions we use lecithin and pea starch as emulsifiers, both produced in certified organic cultivation. Coconut butter alcohol is added for consistency. This non-irritating substance makes the skin smooth and soft.

All creams can be combined with any of other Martina Gebhardt products.

Our feet and legs are exposed to plenty of rough treatment. In many cases, they don’t get the attention they need until the problems become unavoidable in the form of pain or, for instance, fungal infections or excessive sweating due to an unhealthy in-shoe climate. Regular care with Baobab Foot Cosmetics, suitable free-breathing shoes and going barefoot often can prevent these often tenacious skin problems. Legs and feet are looked at, too, and we should give them the attention they need. Smooth and well-cared-for skin will make them attractive for a long time to come.

Baobab Foot Balm 15 ml
Baobab Foot Cream 15 ml
Baobab Leg Lotion 30 ml
Baobab Foot Spray 30 ml

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