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Hampstead Tea

Hampstead Tea’s journey started out in 1989 when Kiran Tawadey and Rajah Banerjee met, yearning to create natural, sustainable teas. Two years later, the Makaibary Tea estate got Organically certified. Two years further to that, they became the first Bio dynamic tea certified estate in the world.

Armed with 5 chests of tea from the Makaibary Estate, Kiran was able pack the tea into paper sachets, and sell them to health shops around North London.

Since then, Hampstead Tea’s have been doing so well, HRH Prince Charles awarded them the 'Best Category' for their Darjeeling Whole Leaf Loose Tea at the Organic Food Awards.

Hampstead Tea ALWAYS looks for the purity of the source whether it is tea, camomile, ginger or even tea bag paper.

Hampstead Tea selection of Organic Black Teas to suit any occasion.

Full flavoured Tea with discerning boldness and deep malty tones is our Assam tea.
Darjeeling tea is a light Black Tea for any time of day with gentle, floral, muscatel tones.
Earl Grey tea is the perfect balance of soft Darjeeling leaves and true Bergamot from Calabria.
Our English Breakfast tea carefully balances the best of our fragrant Darjeeling Tea with malty toffee Assam Tea.

Use one teabag per person. Put teabag into fresh boiled water and infuse up to 3 minutes.
Additional information
Origin:United Kingdom
Unit:20 filter x 1,5 g (30 g)
Ingredients:Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea, Bergamot oil
Controlled by:Biodynamic Association GB-ORG-06
Storing instructions:Store in a cool, dry place.
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