Chocolate and Love

Chocolate and Love is excellent quality, ethically made, organic chocolate at an affordable price.

The eight delicious 80 g variants include two pure chocolate bars – 80% Panama and 71% Rich Dark – and six others with stunning flavours mixed into them, all of which are wrapped in bespoke hand-painted designs.

The brand’s lowest cocoa content product is 55%.

We believe in More Cacao – Less Sugar.

We use only the best cacao and other ingredients available to produce an organic chocolate of the finest quality.

The Chocolate and Love collection uses only certified organic ingredients. Organic produce can be traced from the farm to the fork with every process along the way obtaining a certificate of conformity. If the product is altered in any way the operation must be registered and certified.

This enables full traceability. Consumers can rely on the fact that products comply with organic standards and have been produced and/or processed by approved operators. Certification provides assurance that this is the case.

It is important to us that we produce fine quality organic chocolate that has been ethically sourced. We source our cacao, cane sugar, vanilla and coffee from cooperatives certified by Fairtrade. Many of these are made up of various small family farms and the average size is five hectares. The farmers can choose to use the Fairtrade Premium for improvements of their cacao farms and invest in community projects, such as road construction and ensuring water supplies.
Every aspect of our business is run as ethically as possible, like minimising shipping to cut down on fuel costs and using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper for our wrappers, and using FLO-PAK Green packing material.

We support reforestation and plant trees through

This is an elegant chocolate bar with a real but subtle taste of coffee (Arabica). Coffee flavours provide a little kick, perfectly complementing the chocolate taste...

1 390 Ft

A creamy chocolate with cacao nibs (the inside of the cacao beans) for a gorgeous crunchy texture bringing a light roasted flavour. Also a great melt and the added pleasure of enjoying a chocolate bar that contains milk with a higher than average amount of cacao (55%) and less sugar compared to most other chocolate bars with milk. This is a must try!..

1 390 Ft

Out Of Stock

The natural peppermint oil provides a fresh yet mild flavour and the combination of peppermint, the crunchy texture and dark chocolate make for a bar simply irresistible to mint lovers...

1 390 Ft

The natural oil from cold pressing the ripe fruit peels of fresh oranges, gives this chocolate an incredible zesty yet mellow taste with beautifully well-balanced flavours...

1 390 Ft

This pleasingly high-percentage chocolate is full bodied yet mild, decadent and incredibly smooth with hints of nuts and an extraordinary chocolate flavour, ideal for the chocolate purist. We challenge you to find a smoother, less bitter, 80% chocolate bar...

1 390 Ft

The cacao originates from Madagascar, valued worldwide for its unique flavour notes, with hints of citrus and natural sweetness. Pomegranate is tart and Madagascan cocoa beans are known for their natural fruity flavour brought together, they provide a truly tantalizing flavour experience...

1 390 Ft

First encounter notes of red berries followed by fresh slightly acidic notes, a generous complex taste, finishing with a delicious chocolatey flavour and an excellent melt. The bar is rich, for the dark chocolate lovers...

1 390 Ft

To all the fans of sweet and salty pairings; an intriguing combination. The fusion of the caramel crunch and the dash of sea salt create a deliciously naughty flavour experience. But be warned, it is addictive...

1 390 Ft